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By booking with Sarah Meyrick Hair & Makeup Artist you and all the members of the wedding party agree to the following terms and conditions.

!.) A non refundable booking fee of £30 will/has been paid to secure the date in the artists diary.  This will come off the wedding date total.  No booking is secured in the artists diary until payment has been made.

2.) Trial dates and booking fees will be discussed if required and any non refundable booking fees paid. Trials are £10 per service hair or makeup and per person.  Full payment for any trials will be taken on the day in cash or a week before via bank transfer.

3.) A non refundable total payment for the wedding is required a month before.  This is due to the nature of the business, it is difficult to fill allocated dates and times in short notice, especially in high wedding season.

4.) A minimum of two people for hair/makeup or bride hair and makeup is required on booking.  

5.) In an unlikely event that the artist has to cancel a full refund will be given, and an alternate artist will try to be sought if possible at the time.

6.) The client is to give atleast 3 months notice of any cancellation, if not then the full balance will be charged.  This is also for any guests that decide to cancel their hair/makeup service within the original booking.

7.) The artist has the right to refuse/cancel any bookings if payments are not cleared through the payment method.  

8.) Payments are usually made through bank transfer and details will be given at the time of booking.

9.) During a consultation or trial every effort will be made to ensure the client is happy with the overall look.  Any allergies or sensitive problems the artist needs to be made aware of, especially for products being/to be used.  The artist takes no responsibility for any reactions caused during/after the trial and on the wedding day.  

10.) The artist takes no resposibility for any changes made to the agreed styles on the wedding day.

11.) Any information passed between the artist and the client will be 

stored safely and only used for the purpose of the wedding.

Please feel free to email me if any further questions are required.





Blackwood, Gwent

Sarah Meyrick

Professional Freelance Hair and Makeup Artist from South Wales. 

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